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Organic Living means Environmentally Friendly Products and Organic Restraunts are priceless. We are happy to see that they are also becoming better known. Whether you are a maker (not manufacturer) of environmentally friendly furniture or a lover of hearty organic restraunts, please send us pics of your favorite stuff. May the planet grow healthy again.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Cell Phone Causes Cancer Lawsuit

Convinced that a nine-year cell phone habit led to his brain cancer, neurologist Chris Newman, M.D., has filed an $800 million lawsuit in Baltimore against his cell phone's maker and several other telecommunications companies.

In Newman's case, his lawyer has said, "it's really not a question at all" whether the cancer is cell phone-related. The evidence, she says: Newman's own doctors made the connection between his long-time cell phone use and his tumor, which is positioned in "the exact anatomical location where the radiation from the cell phone emitted into his skull."

"We don't see a risk looking at currently available data," says David Feigal, M.D., director of FDA's Center for Devices and Radiological Health. "But we need more definite answers about the biological effects of cell phone radiation, and about the more complicated question of whether mobile phones might cause even a small increase in the risk of developing cancer."


As far as I am concerned, when i make a cell phone call, i can physically feel a throbbing and buzzing in my temple. For that matter, any buzzing, audible or not, polutes the air we live in.

Sanguinarine from Bloodroot Fights Cancer with Toothpaste

The surprise finding was presented Oct. 19 at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Seattle. Sanguinarine, an alkaloid present in the bloodroot plant, has been shown to enhance production of proteins that induce the death of cells damaged by ultraviolet-B radiation.

"This natural compound may protect skin from cells that acquire the genetic damage caused by UV radiation from advancing toward cancer," lead researcher Nihal Ahmad, an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Wisconsin, said in a prepared statement.
Cells pretreated with sanguinarine were 49 percent to 66 percent more likely to die off after exposure to ultraviolet-B radiation than were untreated cells, Ahmad found.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Breast Cancer and Antiperspirant Deodorant

Men are about 100 times less likely than women to develop breast cancer. This is because they have about 100 times less breast tissue. Hormonal factors also play a role.

"There is absolutely no scientific evidence that anti-perspirants cause or even increase a woman's risk for breast cancer," said Debbie Saslow, PhD, director of breast and cervical cancer for the American Cancer Society. "Unfortunately the 'leading' risk factors for breast cancer are things that women cannot do anything about: being a woman, aging, and having a personal or family history of breast cancer."

This may be true for now... BUT what is going to motivate the AMA or the ACS to research the relationship between Breast Cancer and Antiperspirants when one of the largest donors to the American Cancer Society is Proctor and Gamble? the makers of Sure Antiperspirant... hmmm... fox.. henhouse???

Organic Sweetener Stevia Zylitol Agave Nectar

3 Organic Sweetener: Stevia Zylilol Agave Nectar
USA Organically grown barley, sprouted, kiln roasted, and cooked - an ancient process using only the grain's own enzymes created in the sprouting process, and the knowledge and care of artisan maltsters. A clean tasting, 'slow burning' source of complex carbohydrate. A more intelligent sweetener.

If you've ever tasted stevia, you know it's extremely sweet. In fact, this remarkable noncaloric herb, native to Paraguay, has been used as a sweetener and flavor enhancer for centuries. But this innocuous-looking plant has also been a focal point of intrigue in the United States in recent years because of actions by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Xylitol is a wood sugar that is a white, crystalline, natural carbohydrate, and in the last century was given the name xylitol to clearly distinguish it not only from other natural sugars, but likewise from synthetic sweeteners too. The Finnish name for it is "koivusokeri", which means birch sugar, because the best way to harvest xylitol in volume is from birch trees. Xylitol comes from renewable resources in keeping with modern global ecological standards.

Quoted from
Rats fed partially hydrogenated fish oils showed a proliferation of peroxisomes in the liver (these are subcellular organelles which provide additional oxidation capacity and are indicative of increased free radical formation).

Margarine Polyunsaturated Oils and Cancer Melanoma Trans Fatty Acid

The American Heart Association recommends Margerine over Butter. This is either because they know that HEART CANCER is RARE or because they are wrong again.

I had an opportunity to speak with a PhD in Bio-Chemical Engineering in 97. I specifically asked if Margerine was "BAD for YOU" his answer was long. It was also very detailed. BUT the bottom line was the when you make a liquid oil solid by hydrogenating it, it takes on chemical characteristics that the human body is not familiar with. So this means that we dont have the enzymes to digest or process margarine. As far as research, he specifically told me that the Margarine molecule simply gets stuck in the body and cannot be broken down. Me personally, proven or NOT, i dont eat stuff that i cant digest.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Organic Chewing Gum

For our Tastes, if we are going to write about an organic product, it'd better be good. The tricky part is that we put things in our bodies. And all these things dont get a second thought till they start making our internal organs cringe. Forunately, we found another topic: Organic Chewing Gum.

XyliChew Gum, Cinnamon is sweetened with xylitol, a plant-source sweetener which comes from birch trees. Xylitol is a safe and natural sweetener made from birch that promotes good oral health Scientific research proves that regular use of Xylitol reduces dental cavities by as much as 80%, and reduces earaches in children by as much as 40%.

Xylitol decreases plaque formation and adhesion. Xylitol cuts off dental acid attacks, hardens tooth enamel and repairs small emerging cavities. Xylitol has a cooling effect in the mouth, leaves no aftertaste and is an ideal sweetener for a gum. Xylichew Gum contains original latex from the sapodilla tree as its gum base. It contains no petroleum products.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Organic Gophers Discourager

Got gophers? Need an Organic anti gopher Snake? Want to kill them all? Or just give them a lesson in flatulence completely harmless to the environment.

Well how about the next best thing. Chocolate laxatives. Yes! Chocolate laxatives. Just place chocolate laxatives by or in the gopher hole's and believe me no more gophers. They will avoid your property altogether.

Don't ask me what it does to their biology but whatever it does,"Just Guess" IM sure they will not forget the experience and wish to avoid the stink still present in they're tunnels after their unfortunate mishaps or unpleasant encounter with chocolate. I mean can you blame them?

As an English man once said "Revenge is sweet & smelly at the same time". P.S you can quote me on that one

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Wine Organic Wine! and Organic Grapes of Course :o)


Lon Rombough, my new best friend, :o) sent me an email recently. He unassumingly mentioned his book about organic grapes. Between his mild approach and his expert perspective, i couldn't resist talking about his book.

Lon, do you have a book about actually making the wine too? let us all know.

Besides Lon's Book, come on, how many people with awful wine hang overs will it take to produce clean healthy hang over proof organic wine? Tannins et al considered.

When i first spoke about organic wine, i was with an Italian wine connaiseur. I frowned at the idea of drinking an organic wine as it brought pictures of hippies making wine with their hemp laden feet. Her answer, "Wine has ALWAYS BEEN organic - until recently."

You can read more or order the book at:

Need a list of Organic Soap Makers to wash those grape stains away?

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Organic Soap Natural and Good for your Kid's Poopy Mouth :o)

Remember when mom made you wash your mouth out with soap for saying ,"DARN!" well. them were the days when soap was 99.44 . Now, with competition and mass commerce, you don't know WHATs in your soap.

I mean come on, you wash with it. Then you grab your sushi or apple and stick it in your mouth. Finally, its your spleen or your liver that has to deal with the toxins. Well. How's organic soap for you?

lemon_barWe found a bountiful and colorful variety of Organic Soaps from DR. Bronner. Now, if your own kid has to get a manditory delousing, well, rest assured that the only organ that gets any real inconvenience is his tongue.

This is what the good doc has to say about his soaps, "For the bar, 8 & 32 oz. soaps with certified organic oils:• The conventional olive fatty acid has been replaced with organic olive, hemp and jojoba oils.• Some added salt keeps the soaps from separating when cold and thickens them a bit." and "For our certified organic bar, 8 & 32 oz. soaps, we source all the core soap and essential oils organically, not just minor additive ingredients, in order to support and encourage sustainable agriculture, farm worker health and ecological processing methods. We know that customers have a high level of trust in the principles behind the word "organic" and do not want to see it rendered as meaningless as the word "natural.""

Learn More at - oh and doc, i'd love some samples we can share with our readers :o)

Organic Environmentally Friendly Sod COUCH?!?! - wear plastic!

Bruce!... thanks!.. lemme know if you want a plug for one of your causes.

Man o man! i love this idea... Greg Tait explains how to make this beautiful work of art...
"How much oxygen did your furniture produce today? In our version of the future, the things we loaf about on indoors will be as beneficial as the stuff that grows out back. In the meantime, sculpt lawn furniture from the lawn itself. Unlike your standard-issue sofa, this lush greenery is totally organic, requires no synthetic finishes, and can be brought to life, Golem-style, from salvaged dirt. St. Augustine tiles create a seamless, living upholstery, or try wheatgrass for a durable alternative. Ask your nursery about planting tips unique to your sod. Note: Couch may require mowing." -Greg Tait

Look him up at

And keep sending in your favorite organic Stuff ideas... we will convince corporate america and the world to work smart for the long term eventually. kenny.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Organic Pillows? Makes Sense, We Breathe and Slobber all over em!

organic-cotton-pillows-whiteFor our first post I decided to talk about ORGANIC pillows. Everyone knows about organic foods and purified water and even oxygen machines. But heck, whose ever heard of an organic PILLOW!?!?!

BUT alas, it makes sense doesn't it? You have your nose burried in it for 8 hours a day 365 days a year. You probably drool all over it, and sorry to say, you probably reintake some of that drool too :o) We have found organic wool, cotton, capok, buckwheat and other grain based pillows.

So why not get an organic HEALTHY Pillow? Here's a couple of samples we found. Let us know what you think and also, please send your favorite ORGANIC STUFF ideas to me at - I would love to put you online and share your views. thanks!


"Kapok Body Pillows mold for support. Kapok is a natural seed fiber from the rainforest. The harvesting of the kapok pods provides jobs to indigenous people and helps maintain this vanishing ecosystem. Filled with kapok and covered with a green cotton fabric. Green cotton is cotton that contains no bleaches, dyes or formaldehydes. Made in the USA." - from

Sources + To Order: and